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The Culture of Dorchester

We have a lot of fun at Dorchester Ranch.  When I look at the above picture it makes me smile.  It was taken at our neighbor’s son’s wedding.  The wedding  was at Whispering Spruce Campground, the people in the picture are residents at the campground, and are regulars at the golf course.  My Dad has his rally cap on, my wife in all her glory.  haha.  It makes me wish I was there.  I was there for the reception but my wife says I had to leave because of my “man cold”, sheesh.

The last few years I have been thinking about what a good group of people we have supporting our club.  It is ‘you’ people that create the atmosphere at Dorchester Ranch – Thank You.  I think that DRGC events are something you should definitely experience.  We have leagues throughout the week, which are drop in, welcoming of all skill levels and players.  We have a wide variety of tournaments from ultra competitive cash scramble’s to couple’s tournaments and everything in between.


COUPLE’S TOURNAMENT – We traditionally have our couple’s tournament mid summer.  We will play 9 holes scramble with our partner, and then have a fire and Karaoke after.  I have so many fun memories of that day it warms my heart.  Oh and the afterparty is pretty fun as well.


LEAGUES – All of our leagues are weekday only.  We believe we have a league or night to suit golfers of all types and abilities.  We hope to have Senior’s (50+) on Tuesday early afternoons.  It is a drop in, random draw scramble.  We have a good group of Senior men who are always welcoming.  Tuesday evening at 6 is our men’s night for all ages 18+.  It is drop in, random draw scramble.  Wednesday evening at 6 is Lady’s night.  Our ladies are fun and welcome anyone new.  We have incentives for first timers.   You can also play with a friend.  If you’re by yourself, we will random draw you on a team.  Our ladies play scramble as well.  Friday evenings we typically have our couple’s night. In 2020 due to the circumstances we did not play Friday evenings, but hope to bring Couple’s Night back as soon as we can.  We also have a semi competitive 2man match play scramble handicaped league.  These matches are scheduled throughout the year on agreed upon dates.  This league was very popular last year and I foresee more than the 20 + teams that we had.

About 2 years ago, I had a gentleman ask me about what sets Dorchester Ranch apart from other Golf Courses.  At the time I said it was our customer service.  He replied that everyone says that. It’s probably true, it’s probably what most service businesses’ would say if asked the same question, it’s what we strive for at a minimum.  Customer service was the easy answer.  But after having some time to think about it, the thing that sets Dorchester apart, is the Culture.  It is the experience.  Once you come to a tournament, check out a league, attend an event, it is hard to describe.  Once you make friends, or bring your friends to see the laid back attitude we try to encourage, you will understand.   The friends we make.  The experiences we have.  We have a great group of regulars at our golf course.  Everyone that I see at Dorchester Ranch is very welcoming and inclusive.  Anyone can be a part of this, if you choose.   It starts with a round, or an entry into a tournament, or you saying what the heck and dropping into one of our leagues.  Maybe you decide to buy a membership, or move to the area.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

THE HORNBUCKLE RYDER CUP – This is a fairly exclusive event that you need to be a Dorchester Ranch member to attend.  The last 2 years we fielded our best 14 men to challenge Black Bull Golf Resort to a 2 day Ryder Cup themed event.  All matches were match play.  We played 4 different 9 hole formats.  2 man Texas Scramble, 2 man better ball, 2 man scotch start alternate, and singles.  This has grown to be a very popular event that many people want to play in.  We have captain’s picks, and also a play off for the remaining spots on the team.  This upcoming year we may try to add a women’s division.  If this interests you and you are interested in trying out, get a membership in 2021!  Ask Kyle about our 1st time member discount that Dorchester Ranch Golf Course offers.

We are looking forward to the 2021 golf season. <——this link will help you sign up to our newsletter as a way to keep you updated.  You could also visit our Facebook Business Page @dorchesterranchgolf, or on Instagram @dorchesterranchgolf.  Getting outdoors, socializing a bit, getting some exercise, having some fun never sounded better then it does right now. XoXo.

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